Our secured web server solution

Web attitude provides high availability and secure web server solutions for your internet sites and web application. Our solutions are housed within data centers located all over the world, with an architecture that ensures round-up and availability of data (99.9%) 24h/7.

What does web hosting mean?

Websites are stored or “hosted” on a publicly accessible computer (called a server). Some websites need a complex server on its own. Others can share a server with hundreds of other sites. The accommodation space and the accompanying functionalities constitute your server budget.

A turnkey service

Our packages are created to cover the most common needs of people, small and medium-sized companies: domain name, server of your websites and email address. All of our services are info gestured with the intervention of a technician in the event of a problem in less than 4 hours 7/7, 16h/24. Our web server packages allow you to grow easily in relation to your needs.

Every Options

The shared server is the cheapest. Like your neighbourhood in a building, you share the same basic server resources. They will certainly spend less, but they will have fewer options and less control.

The virtual private servers (VPS) and web hosting pro, reserve specific portions (storage capacity, calculation capacity and data processing) of an individual server for each client. Hosting on the personal server offers unlimited resources. You can choose between full root access for personal management or opt for an info management as you wish.