Creation of web sites and applications

The internet is an essential professional and personal medium. In fact, today, almost 95% of the working population has access to the internet and surfs there very frequently. Recent research indicates that 9 out of 10 people research the Internet before buying a product or using a service company. As an indication, Google changes monthly more than 100 billion searches worldwide. Today, being on the internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if you want to adapt to this new mode of consumption.

The internet is an excellent showcase for presenting the activities of a company, therefore it is called a “showcase site”. The creation of a website also brings other more advanced functionalities. For example, it is possible to develop and e-business solution, implement a personalized blog, share a professional notebook or also manage your staff though a private space.

In 2020, a professional who is not present on the Internet will raise questions about his credibility and the services he provides. The consumer must be calm and the importance is to have a clear and efficient website.

The creation of a website cannot be improvised and requires a technicality in the matter. Our agency provides services from the development of a website based on cutting-edge technologies, to the complete creation of its graphic interface. Our team is in charge of referencing the site and has the experience that allows professionals and PMEs to take advantage of all the advantages of creating a website.