Digital acquisition: we optimize your marketing strategy

Today, the ecosystem of digital acquisition players is so advanced that it is very difficult to have a clear vision for advertisers. Consequently, they often prefer to focus on the customer relationship through e-CRM, with the risk of seeing its audience source and its attractiveness diminish. The war of competition is played primarily around the acquisition channels.

If the budgets of the media grow year by year, exceeding those of television, it should be taken into account that Google (Google Ads) and Facebook share the majority of the investment. A positioning that runs the risk of becoming stronger with the GDPR. In this context, the SEM (SEO + SEA) is one of the main bases of the digital acquisition experience at Web Attitude Inc.

Support for the strategy. Digital acquisition (SEA, SEO, PARTNERS ADS, DMP, CDP, ANALYSIS)

Beyond succeeding in spotting intention among potential customers, the advertiser's entire marketing mix must be geared toward their business goals. Due to data mastery, Web Attitude operates 360 customer acquisition strategies ranging from capture to loyalty through animation.

The challenge is to improve the relevance of the marketing keys to optimize the brand's points of contact with the public. To do this, Web Attitude has implemented experience in multifunctional acquisitions. It is based on 8 foundations that allow the animation of the advertiser's audience throughout their experience.

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