We help you find the best prospects.

B2C marketing or business to consumer marketing includes all marketing actions aimed at and directed consumer. This is often understood in the broadest sense of the term marketing.

Therefore, B2C marketing is made up of the most visible marketing techniques, actions, and campaigns that are best known and identified by the general public. B2C marketing differs from B2B marketing which is less visible, less known and this despite the fact that it is the basis of the vast majority of commercial exchanges.

With a wide range of data and advanced analysis techniques, WebAttitude is your number one partner in the prospecting strategy.

After you have identified your customer profiles and listened to their goals, WebAttitude strives to help you achieve your ideals prospects. However, it is not enough to simply identify your best prospects. You should also optimize your relationships with these future buyers.

WebAttitude provides you the right tools to help you select the right target groups and control the exchanges you have with each of your clients.

We mostly make our prospecting tools. They allow you to efficiently prospect new clients for your company simultaneously on multiple channels. Therefore, we can say that our results are guaranteed.

We can simultaneously prospect on the following digital channels: B2C social media marketing - B2C email marketing - writing specific content in blogs, magazines, on your Websites-Advertising on search engines - creating concise FAQs - writing testimonials - buying of traffic through specialized websites.

Our team is also made up of influential people from social networks and YouTube who regularly participate in many fairs where it is possible, through our stand, to prospect a target of costumers for your professional activity.

The importance of the website in a B2C relationship

As a B2C company, you should not neglect your website. It is the showcase of their activities and their clients must obtain the answers to their questions. When optimizing your website, do not forget to create a mobile version of your site or even a Google referral. Associated with a first-class business model, owning a quality website guarantees success with your consumers.

The B2C purchase cycle is faster than the B2B cycle. Take advantage of this circumstance to take care of your business model in order to perfectly adjust to demand and promote a favourable decision process for your company. Our partners will be able to create their websites from A to Z in this sense.